Frequently Asked Questions

What is Debrief?

Debrief is a communication network solution that reduces the costs incurred for security and truly secures sensitive business and personal data on the blockchain.

When was Debrief founded?

Founded in late 2018 by globally recognized Internet communication entrepreneur and early investor in Twitter Jeff Pulver. In a Forbes articles from May 2018, Pulver stated, “Blockchain technology is over-hyped, and it’s a $4 Quadrillion opportunity”, so why not dive in and take advantage of this growing industry. Pulver had the idea to combine communication technologies with blockchain and truly revolutionize a traditionally centralized industry. That’s how Debrief was born.

What problem does Debrief resolve?

Centralized data storage poses security threats to confidential information. Routing all business and personal data through a centralized server with one main point of contact poses an overwhelming number of threats for information security. In 2019, $2 Trillion USD was the cost of cyber-crime for businesses. We can no longer allow these third-party intermediaries to control our data. Debrief is dedicated to resolving unsecure communications through the application of blockchain technology.

What is the market size for the project?

Data protection market is anticipated to grow by $120 Million USD by the year 2023, growing at a CAGR of 15%. With privacy now becoming the number one priority for business communications and personal data security, concerns for higher protection measures have reached an all-time high.

How does Debrief work?

Debrief, unlike any traditional platform for communication is a blockchain enabled communication network. Debrief guarantees four key benefits: higher data security for peer-to-peer communication, decentralized architecture and data storage, a revolutionary acquisition token model and mining referral programs and staking models. With blockchains decentralized architecture, any application can utilize Debrief’s unique technology to build upon to enhance security and internal data privacy.

What are the functional capabilities of Debrief?

Compared to other traditional tools of communication, Debrief stands out with the following functional capabilities: secure blockchain authentication, decentralized storage, management console, enterprise phone system, data encryption, HD video conferencing, P2P audio & video calling, and more. Debrief has also built a proof of concept showcasing the above functionality in dApp running on the network.

What is the long-term vision of Debrief and how does Debrief intend to achieve success?

The ultimate vision of Debrief is offering a one-stop resolution for safeguarding privacy and security with the reconstruction of traditional communication functionalities on the blockchain. Debrief has a revolutionary mining/staking/usage token model differentiating it from any other network in the market, and the test-net will be released in Q2 of 2020.

Who founded Debrief?

Jeff Pulver, Co-Founder of Debrief, Co-founder of $3B Vonage, VoIP Pioneer and early investor of Twitter.

Jeff Pulver is an American Internet entrepreneur known for his work as Founder and Chief Executive of and Co-Founder of Free World Dial-up, Vonage, the VON Coalition, MoNage, Blockchain Token Association and Zula (app). Pulver has been called a Voice over Internet Protocol pioneer, and has written extensively on VoIP telephony, and the need to develop an alternative to government regulation of its applications layer.

What’s special about the Debrief team and why did they start this project?

The Debrief team is experienced both in the communication and blockchain realms. With Jeff’s life-long passion in communication technology and the increasing data security crisis, the Debrief team has spotted a need in the market for a solution. After a long time of planning and investigative research into the market, the team has started the Debrief project with the intention to solve the world’s data security problems.

How will the product be used?

The most unique feature about Debrief is its Middleware component. Debrief’s middleware can be adopted into any mainstream application, like Slack or Zoom, for the application to enable secure blockchain authentication, decentralized file storage, secure communication, and more using Debrief.

Will it be available on mobile?


What is the product’s maturity level?

The MVP version has been developed, and a clear timeline has been crafted for the beta release, mobile versions and more, all within 2020.

Will there be any fees for using/purchasing the product? If so, how much?

Yes, the Debrief dApp will be operating on a subscription model with a freemium and premium option. For premium functions such as HD video conferencing, enterprise phone system, tech support, and other functions scalable for any purpose there will be fees. . For example, users can add-on the enterprise phone system to any paid plan, the fee standard is $10/user/month, which includes 1 local phone number, unlimited North-America wide calling, unlimited call routing, auto-attendant & IVR, departments, voicemail and long distance calling. All services must be purchased with tokens in corresponding USD amount.

Who are Debrief’s main competitors?

Debrief has been compared to the likes of Slack, Zoom and Signal solely based on the networks extensive functional capabilities, however, with its unique architecture and data encryption, Debrief sets itself ahead of the pack.

What makes you better than your competitors?

None of the above mentioned ‘competitors’ have the extensive capabilities list of the Debrief network, nor are any built on the blockchain to ensure data privacy, along with offering decentralized file storage.



Total token supply of Debrief:

1 Billion

ERC-20 compatible?


The token distribution:

Mining & Staking Rewards: 50%
Token Sale: 15%
Team & Advisors: 15%
Ecosystem: 10%
Foundation: 10%

What is the token economic model?

Debrief has a revolutionary acquisition token model. The extensive business model of DBF guarantees the long-term value of the Debrief network and its native token.

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